Season 2 Episode Five: Interview with Dr. Aja Martinez

B. López and guest co-host Yanira Rodríguez interview Dr. Aja Martinez about counterstory, the reception of critical race theory in the field of composition and rhetoric, and doing the work (while not being welcomed at home) in academia.

Much of the discussion centers around Dr. Martinez’s forthcoming book, Counterstory: The Writing and Rhetoric of Critical Race Theory.

Counterstory is, by virtue of critical race theory, a theory-bound framework toward a way to do research. But within counterstory there are methods, which are the genres about how to go about it. Right? Those are the tools and the skill set. -Aja Martinez

This shit is repetitive. It’s cyclical, it’s familiar, we’ve seen it, we know it, we study you, we know your actions. You don’t see us, but we see you. And we document it. And if you’re feeling like that’s you that we’re talking about, you should be a little bit introspective about that and figure out why you’re feeling like that’s you. -Aja Martinez